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Welcome to the latest update on the progress of developments in Ballina Heights.

Playing Fields and School Site

Progress is continuing on the filling and shaping of the sports fields and school site with major earthworks being undertaken to reshape the ground to finished levels as well as to extend the fill area and provide waterways within the Stormwater Treatment Site to the western edge. Spectator mounds and an elevated area for the amenities have been created along with the creation of drainage swales.

The playing fields have been leveled and topsoiled in preparation for grass seeding. The underground sprinkler system to both fields has been installed as has the electrical conduits for field one.

Ballina Heights Drive

In September 2010 the design was completed for Ballina Heights Drive and has been submitted to council for assessment and construction approval.

Campbell’s Common Waterpark

Campbell’s Common Waterpark, the eastern ribbon park and the wetland area, a total of 14.49ha have been placed into the control of the council as it is no public open space. This occurred in September 2010.

Staged Land Releases

The civil design of Stage 8b, comprising of 28 lots and Stage 7a, comprising 30 lots have been completed and approved for construction.

A review has been conducted of the layout of Stages 9a, 9a2, 9b, 11b and the MD lot and D.A. submitted in September 2010 for council assessment and approval.

A development application was lodged for earth works to facilitate the filling needed to improve the contours in the western precinct. Approval was issued in October 2010.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe New Year!

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