Playing Fields Under Construction

Ballina Heights Playing Fields

The Ballina Heights playing fields have been thoughtfully planned to comprise all the necessary elements of a high quality outdoor facility. There will be pedestrian and cycleway links to the surrounding residential areas with easy access to Cumbalum Way and the Pacific Highway.

The earthworks and topsoil spreading has been completed and the green-keeping/seeding has began. The landscaping around the fields and along the waterways is also due to commence.

Detailed designs for the associated amenities and parking are being prepared with final construction of these facilities scheduled to commence in June 2011.

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  1. Mr & Mrs Ahearn says:

    Dear LJ Hooker,

    We recently spoke to Ballina Heights Developer Mr Gates,regarding the delays in construction of the proposed entrance and sporting fields for the estate. Mr Gates responded that the developers have been held up with Ballina Shire Council on funding and tendering for the site works of the project for the highway interchange and relocation of the entrance due to flooding issues.
    It is appearing for this delay maybe unlikely to be complete by end of June 2011 as written in the Ballina Heights newsletter.

    We ourselves as residents and speaking to other’s here,the general comment is the estate “has gone stagnet”, the entrance is unappealing for first and lasting impressions for encourgagemnt to buy and build.Unlike 2 other recent formed residential estates in the Ballina Shire. Presently there are approximately 16 homes forsale in the estate, some for other reasoning are relocating interstate and some are disappointed in the progress of the estate’s amenities to be installed as per marketing advertisement over the past 6years.
    We are happy residents of Ballina Heights with a friendly community living, which these proposed facilities of sporting fields,entrance,shopping centre, k to12 schools and a nursing home and a post office or box would improve land and residential sales in the area. I would like to add the developer did mention a chain supermarket was looking at the site to constuct a supermarket which is in much need. Apparently council is looking for a site for a waterpark?
    It is appearing the Ballina Council is the main player in this progress taking fore, but the Developer has asked all concerned residents to take action by writing to council directly in this matter. We have written to Council’s Planning and Development department and awaiting a reply.

    We are asking if you as the marketing agent can assist the residents and developer by writing or applying to council for these works, if you maynot be already doing so.

    Thank you for your time to read this letter of concern.Look forward to hearing your thoughts of this project.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr & Mrs Ahearn
    17th February, 2011

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