The Ballina Heights Estate Lifestyle

It is 16 years since the opening of the Ballina Heights Estate and during this time a new and vibrant community has developed. From green rolling hills and level paddocks the estate has grown and changed into an idyllic residential community, taking advantage of the natural beauty of this picturesque area whilst having minimal impact on the surroundings.

The initial home owners have been in residence for more than 8 years and over fourteen years since the first stage was released, an average of 30 lots per year have been occupied. As well as providing immaculately presented blocks and streetscapes, the developers have also provided, and continue to provide first class facilities to complement and enhance the community as a whole.

The estate has a variety of amenities and public areas completed, in the process of being completed or in future planning. These amenities have and will greatly benefit all residents of Ballina Heights.

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