Water Park & Cummings Crescent Park

The Water Park and Cummings Crescent Park in the eastern precinct were extensively landscaped which was completed in June 2009.

They comprise picnic shelters, BBQ’s, children’s play grounds, a viewing platform over the pond, bird rookeries, two pedestrian bridges, a causeway, fire-trail and fitness stations along the paths meandering through open areas and forest. Besides providing beautiful gardens and vistas over the forest and water, the primary role of the pond is to provide final treatment of the stormwater runoff before it enters the downstream wetlands.

It is currently under developer funded maintenance which will cease when the formal handover to Council takes place in June this year. The area includes the land around the water park and all the land east of Cummings Crescent out to the development boundary. This comprises nearly 14.5ha of both landscaped and untouched wetland areas, part of which comprises a rare Bangalow Palm Forest. Additional land to the west and north of the water park will also be handed over in the future as the adjacent residential areas are released.

The construction of the site has taken many months commencing in September 2008 at a cost of around $750K.