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Stage 12a Sold Out

May 25th, 2018

Lot sizes range from 813 sqm to 1,103 sqm and all lots have the zoning to build a single house or a duplex development (STCA) the choice is yours.

Stage 10a Sold Out

September 20th, 2017

All lots are over 800m2 and zoned medium density, which gives you the option of building a single home or a duplex development. You’ll need to be fast as the blocks are selling quick!

Click here for price list.

Stage 11b Sold Out

August 25th, 2016

All lots are over 800m2 and zoned medium density, which gives you the option of buildling a single home or a duplex development. You’ll need to be fast as the blocks are selling quick!


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Amazing views from the Hills to the Ocean

February 15th, 2016

Here it is, the best land on the entire ‘Ballina Heights’ Estate. The elevation and views from this release (Stage 8bII) are simply stunning. It is not until you stand onsite and look around that you can truly appreciate it.

All lots in this release have zoning to allow you to build a home or a duplex development, the choice is yours. There are also combination of level lots and gently sloping sites.




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Sporting Fields & Club House Now Completed

June 19th, 2014

IMG_2968Sporting Fields & Club House Now Completed

The Ballina Heights playing fields have been extensively planned to comprise all the elements needed for a high quality outdoor sporting facility and are now completed.

The site comprises 8.6ha and will contain both senior and junior cricket ovals with 2 winter sports fields each (soccer, union, league); a clubhouse with covered and outdoor seating; change rooms, ablution facilities and community hall; playground, skate park, BBQ area and parking facilities.

The land has been shaped and contoured to provide elevated views over both sets of fields.

Stage 8b

July 4th, 2013

Stage 8b

Perched high on top of the beautiful Ballina Heights Estate, has some stunning ocean views.

For more information please visit Ballina Shire Council.

To view the latest price list please click here

To view the plan please click here

Ballina Heights Land Subsidy

June 26th, 2013

Due to a Federal Government grant, Ballina Shire Council has developed a scheme to assist low to moderate income earners to purchase land at a $25,000 discount within the Ballina Heights and Cura A Estate and Wollongbar Urban Expansion Area. Please visit the Ballina Shire Council website for further information & eligibility criteria.

First home buyers area also eligible for a $15,000 grant from the government to buy land and build their first home, please visit for details. First home buyers are also eligible for stamp duty exemption please visit for further information.

All this could save you up to $45,000, so buy a block from the developers now!


Bypass Christmas Present

November 15th, 2011

Rebecca Lollback | 9th November 2011

BALLINA will be “changed forever” before the end of the year.

Stage two of the $640 million bypass – the section between the Teven Rd interchange and Cumbalum – will open to traffic before Christmas, bypassing the actual town itself and heralding the start of a new era. The project is six months ahead of schedule.

To mark this important milestone the community will unite on November 27 for a long-awaited celebration. Glenn Costello from the Ballina Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the town was looking forward to the event. “I think we need, as a community, to celebrate this project,” he said. “The bypass is going to change Ballina; it will be the start of a new era. “We’ll start to grow without the reliance of the Pacific Hwy and it’s time for us to celebrate. This is about going forward with positive thoughts.

“Ballina will never be the same.”

Mr Costello said the chamber had worked hard to prepare businesses for the changes that will come with the bypass. He admitted it had been difficult. “You can never say that everyone is ready, but we’ve talked about it and strategies are in place,” he said.

The community celebration will be held at the Teven Rd bridges at West Ballina on Sunday, November 27 from 9am-2pm. Free shuttle buses will be available from key locations in and around Ballina. There will be jumping castles, face painting, an animal farm, entertainment, displays, food and market stalls, bus tours of the project, a barbecue and much more. Community groups will be involved, with fundraising by local charities including Lions and Rotary.

Ballina Bypass Early Gift

August 10th, 2011

Northern Star

Scott Harlum | 8th August 2011

A KEY section of the Ballina bypass will be open before Christmas, Federal Page MP Janelle Saffin and NSW Minister for the North Coast Don Page announced in Ballina on Saturday.

General manager of the Ballina Bypass Alliance Bob Higgins explained that better than expected settling of the soils which form the road base of the 12km section between the new Teven Road “gateway” roundabout and the Cumbalum interchange has enabled work to progress more quickly than planned and that the section will open six months ahead of schedule.

“Roads will always settle over time because you have what they call ‘long-term creep’,” Mr Higgins explained.

“But we’ve been monitoring (the road base) for many years and we’ve reached a point where we’ve got the confidence we have the settlement under control – we are confident we can open this road up.”

Local business and community representatives welcomed the announcement, saying the bypass would provide a boost for the local economy and improve traffic and pedestrian safety.

“It is a great thing that it is coming before Christmas because Christmas is a very important time for us in Ballina,” chairman of the Ballina Bypass Ready Taskforce and secretary of the Ballina Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Costello, said.

Ballina Shire mayor Phillip Silver said the new bypass section would separate local and Sydney-Brisbane highway traffic.

“Intermingling of Lismore-Ballina traffic with Sydney-Brisbane traffic has always been dangerous,” Mr Silver said.

“They are two entirely different sets of drivers with different mind-sets and different speeds, so now those two traffic streams will just not meet at all.

“They will come together at the Teven interchange, and the Lismore-Ballina will go underneath and the Sydney-Brisbane traffic will go over the top.”

Mr Silver said the announcement of the early opening of the section was “huge news” for Ballina, but said local business and tourism operators will need to work together, and with the council, to counter any loss of trade resulting from the bypass of the town.

Mr Page spruiked the immediate and longer-term economic benefits of the project as well as improved traffic conditions for local residents.

“I see so many benefits in this project for the locals and the tourists,” he said.

“For the locals, separation of local traffic from through-traffic means a lot less congestion and means safer conditions for pedestrians too.”

Ms Saffin said the announcement would allow the local business community to prepare.

Open before Christmas

  • Ballina Bypass Stage 2: Teven Road interchange to Cumbalum interchange.
  • 9 bridges, including one of 100 metres in length.
  • Ballina Bypass Stage 3: Teven interchange and Bruxner Highway connection, to be completed early in 2012.
  • Cost: Total project $640 million.
  • Cost: Approximately $50 million per kilometre.

Ballina Bypass Opens

March 7th, 2011

Northern Star

Ava Benny-Morrison | 1st March 2011

IT has taken years of lobbying, hard work and small triumphs but today it has finally arrived – the opening of northern section of the Ballina Bypass.

Vocal politicians, locals and NSW Roads and Traffic Authority officials will gather at the Teven Road project site today to watch the first vehicle officially drive the upper section of the bypass.

Southbound motorists travelling into Ballina will drive under a bridge at the Ross Lane interchange on to the new bypass for 5.9km to Cumbulam.

The opening of the bypass section cuts out the notorious Tintenbar Hill – the scene of countless truck accidents.

As a strong lobbyist for funding for the bypass, Federal Page MP Janelle Saffin welcomed the opening.

She said it was great to see the project progress, considering the recent wet weather.

“At the East Ballina markets a few weeks ago, people were asking me when they would be able to drive on the bypass soon,” she said.

“I told them that they wouldn’t have to wait too long, and so I’m pleased to be able to say that they will now be able to drive on the northern section of the bypass.

“This really is a long-held dream for many local people and I’m pleased to see the project progressing so well.”

The bypass opening is one part of the $640 million Ballina Bypass project.

Construction of the bypass began in 2008.

The southern section of the bypass is expected to open next year and would include 12km of four-lane road and six-lanes between Teven Road and the Bruxner Highway.

Long-term Ballina Shire Councillor Alan Brown spent huge amounts of time, dedication and often frustration lobbying for the Ballina Bypass.

The chairman of the Ballina Bypass Action Group said he was “absolutely elated” the bypass would finally open.

“The magnificent work that has been done is a credit to the people that have been doing it,” he said.

“It’s a major thing for Ballina, as will be the benefit when the southern section opens.”